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IMG-20140316-WA00650th Golden Jubilee Celebration


We as a school would just like to thank everyone who made our Golden Jubilee function so memorable. It was one of those times in life that people will be talking about for many years. Thank you for everyone that attended as well as every member of the community that supported us to make so many wonderful memories. We hope that the next 50 years will be just as fruitful as the past 50 years.


The following was the speech that Mr Willem gave the morning of the 12th of September during the unveiling of the Time capsule.


"Ladies and gentlemen, Dr Greyling, Mr Oosthuizen, Mr Pretorius, Distinguish guests, Colleagues,  alumni, and friends


When we look at this time capsule there as so much symbolic build into it and our appreciation to Me Deidre Vermeulen who design it for us. When I look at this enormous steel tree it is reminding that this school had its origin back in die 60’s due to the blooming Steel industry and the influx of many people to the city. 

This same tree is also embedded in our school logo- it symbolizes growth not only the growth of young minds that entered this school our fifty year but it also symbolizes the growth of this school over 5 decades – Over 5 decades many children was moulded to well adapted young adults they entered the high school and the adult world with pride, they looked back and said I was formed at Noordhoek- Noordhoek was my roots just like this tree whose roots are firmly in the ground. Firmly this school is also a part of this CW 4 community and it served this community to the best of its ability.


All students were taught that their roots are firmly in the Lord almighty and that they can endure any storm any difficulty in life because God is on their side and they are bearing the fruits, the fruits of their hard labour that they were taught here at our Alma Mater Noordhoek – everyone was once a little seed that was nurtured in the well prepared soil of each or the Educators that pass through their lives. Educators that walked the extra mile to make this school a place – a place where love live.

The roots of the present lie in the past and so to the past we must look back to the years when the scaffolds of our school were formed. We must endeavour to comprehend the thoughts of the founders of this school and embody the visions which they had cherished.

As we look up we saw a real tree – this human made tree in the shadow of the creation that God made – God alone knows the future HE planned the universe before we were created and therefore is my wish and dream for the future of Noordhoek that it will grow that it will excel in all aspects of curriculum and co and extra curriculum activities that It will be the best Primary school in town and that when the Principal in the year 2040 reads this message the same values norms and attitudes will still be install in the learners and that they still have pride in wearing the schools colours- but the world may change in 25 years as it has change in the last 50 years.

May Noordhoek still be the force to be recon with- May it still be the beacon of hope, the place where love lives, the cultural beacon of the community? Although things might change drastically but may our Saviour still be centre of all activities.





WHJ Coetzee


12 September 2015

IMG 20150913 0018126

IMG 20150913 00181129


The following was the speech that our headgirl Lesedi Kebile gave just after Mr Willem made his speech.

"The Flame of remembrance:

The flames in our midst symbolizes remembrance.  As we light this flame in memory of our beloved old students and staff members   , let us do so with gratitude that they have lived and that we have shared their lives for a time. By lighting this flame for our old students and staff members we remember and honour their lives and their memories.


As we light the flame of remembrance let this tiny light also represent our own rebirth and renewal, as we seek meaning in life without these we loved; as we strive for joy, peace and happiness; as we look to future's promises with our surviving loved ones and share our lives. Let us remember their contribution towards our alma mater- Laerskool Noordhoek Primary


AS we LIGHT this flame in remembrance of all our old-learners and staff members who passed away…….."


Head girl: Lesedi Kebile

12 September 2015

IMG 20150913 00181318



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