Governing Body

Governing Body

SGB:  Rev. A. Mali (Chairperson
   Mr. E Mosiane (Deputy Chairperson)
   Mr. W.H.J. Coetzee (Principal)
   Mr. A French 
   Mr. G. van Bemmel 
   Mr. R Loots
   Ms. A. Hartslief (Secretary)
   Ms. E. Kekana 
   Ms. B. Molote (Treasurer)
   Mr. E. Mosiane 
   Mr. J Sehanka 
   Ms. O Monyane ( Co-Opt Member)
   Mr. M. Malefetse (Co-Opt Member)
Mr. E. Mosiane  Discipline
Ms. E. Kekana  Curriculum
Mr. G van Bemmel  SGB (Finance)
Mr. R Loots   Safety & Security
Mr. J. Sehanka  Safety & Security
Mr. G. van Bemmel  Maintenance


SGB 2015 2 1840 x 1228


School Hours

The school hours are as follows:

07:35 to 13:30 for Grade 1 to 3

07:35 to 13:45 for Grade 4 - 7

On Monday to Thursday there is an included sport period from 13:45 to 14:30

Make sure that you have made transport arrangements so that your child can go home on time.


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