The History of Our School

Noordhoek Primary School was the seventh primary school in Vanderbijlpark.

Our school was opened on the 11th of January 1965 and was officially named Noordhoek. The name originated from the area in Vanderbijlpark where the school is situated namely, the most Northern part.


Our school has its own emblem with the motto: KNOWLEDGE  ENLIGHTENS.

On our emblem we find a tree which symbolizes growth, a sun which symbolizes light, a book which symbolizes knowledge and a river which symbolizes the Vaal River.

Our school song was composed by Mrs. M Visser in 1981. The words were written by Mrs. R. Laubscher.

The English version of our song was written by Mrs. M Herbst in 1999.

In 1994 we became a parallel medium school with Afrikaans and English medium classes.

At present we have about 1 150 learners and 32 teachers.

School Hours

The school hours are as follows:

07:35 to 13:30 for Grade 1 to 3

07:35 to 13:45 for Grade 4 - 7

On Monday to Thursday there is an included sport period from 13:45 to 14:30

Make sure that you have made transport arrangements so that your child can go home on time.


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