Noordhoek Info

Noordhoek Info

Noordhoek Vision

To be a school community where all learners will receive quality, affordable and balanced education to produce quality citizens for our country and God's Kingdom.


Noordhoek Mission

We will reach our goal in faith and love by taking hands among learners, parents, teachers and all the participants in education. We will strive for higher, better and best for every learner. We will attempt to keep our learning process and facilities on the highest standard paossible through thorough planning, co-operations, development, maintenance and effective management.


Headleaders 2014

Headleaders 2014


School Clothes


Friday School Wear

School Hours

The school hours are as follows:

07:35 to 13:30 for Grade 1 to 3

07:35 to 13:45 for Grade 4 - 7

On Monday to Thursday there is an included sport period from 13:45 to 14:30

Make sure that you have made transport arrangements so that your child can go home on time.


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